Private Chef Services

Starting from $449/week


beyond nourished chef services

Having your own Private Chef ain't just for the rich and famous! We're helping feed families, busy bodies and those with specific dietary needs. We offer customizable weekly chef services, that are completely unique to you and your families needs.

With our nutrition background, we emphasize the use of fresh, organic, and local foods prepared in a way to support optimize how you fuel yourself.

Unlike a large scale meal prep service, holistic private cheffin' is a service provided on a more personalized approach. It’s food assistance built on your needs with your schedule taken into consideration, current health goals, and made up of your favourite foods. 


We'll help you...


save time


Have dinner ready to go in just ten minutes or less! 

be prepared


Be able to take your lunches on the go. No cooking needed. 



Come home to a full fridge of delicious, healthy food.


We literally save hours a week by having Beyond Nourished prepare our food. It tastes delicious, I get to customize everything and they are so easy to work with. Honestly, it’s the best thing that has happened to our family!
— Mel - Vancouver, BC

Lauren has been cooking for me since 2016. She knows exactly how I like to eat and every week I’m blown away by the flavour and the types of food. I love that it’s super healthy but doesn’t taste like “healthy.” I highly recommend Lauren and the BN team!
— Carol, Vancouver BC

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