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Do you recommend and use organic ingredients?

Here are a few reasons why we choose and support organic

  • Organic foods and farming are climate-friendly.
  • Organic farming prohibits the use of toxic pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, nano-particles, and climate-destabilizing chemical fertilizers.
  • Organic foods are produced without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). 
  • Organic food certification prohibits nuclear irradiation.
  • Organic farming categorically prohibits the use of sewage sludge.
  • Studies show that organic foods contain more vitamins, cancer-fighting anti-oxidants, and important trace minerals.
  • Animals on organic farms cannot be fed slaughterhouse waste, manure, or blood—daily rations on America’s factory farms.
How is grass-fed meat different than all other meat?

Most of the conventional and even organic meats on the market have other been grass-fed, meaning they eat the grass they are pastured on but grain finished or they are grain-fed most of their lives while living in really awful confided indoor facilities. By asking your butcher for 100% grass-fed meat you will be choosing a meat that is more humane, higher in nutrients, rich in omega 3’s, and less damaging on the environment. Check out where we shop and start buying your cuts. If you want more information about this topic send us an e-mail and we will send you a handy PDF about why grass-fed is gold!

I noticed that you recommend to avoid soy. Why is this?

Fermented types of soy are possibility an ingredient we would use because it does have health benefits but here are a few reasons what we avoid non-fermented soy:

  • Contains goitrogens which can impair thyroid function.
  • Contains trypsin inhibitors that impair our ability to digest protein
  • Almost all soy is genetically modified – Make sure to buy organic
  • Contains phytic acid which can inhibit mineral absorption
  • Contain phyto-estrogens which are a weak estrogen acting like plant sterols.
What if I have allergies?

We pride ourselves on offering a low-toxin, low-allergen menu however you might be allergic to something we do use. If this is the case, be certain to note it when you are signing up and filling out the intake form. Depending on the allergy, we will modify your meal. Working with specific allergies requires a case by case assessment so just let us know and we will tell you if you can make it work or not.

Why would I want a menu that is gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and plant based?

There is ample evidence to support that eating a diet like ours will help to decrease inflammation, improve cognitive function, reduce food cravings and help you achieve your natural weight.

Nourishment Program

How many people can attend each session?

We have to sonsider the amount of space we have to work with and generally we limit each session to 4 people but if your family is larger than 4 people and there is enough space for everyone we more than happy to make exceptions.

How many sessions are in the Nourishment Program? How long is each session?

There are 6 sessions and each session is 2 hours long.

I don’t live in Vancouver, can I still do the program?

Absolutely! Purchase our on-line version and get all the same benefits as doing in-home.


How do I register for workshop?

Register on our workshop page and you will be directed to payment options.

What can I expect attending a workshop. ?

Each one is a little bit different but we center our workshops around food and nutrition. Typically we will theme our workshops around different nutrition topics or ingredients and then demonstrate how to cook 4-6 recipes that support the theme. You will always taste the food we create plus receive a booklet of information and recipes to go home with. We always offer opportunity for questions and encourage dialogue between participants.

What if I can’t make it to the workshop but I have paid?

We will refund your payment if you give us 72 hours notice otherwise no refund will be issued. Please find someone to take your place.

Cookbooks & Recipes

Can I get my book printed?

Each page is printable but if you want a hard cover book you will have to wait a few months. At the time we only offer digital versions but sign-up for our newsletter to stay up to date with when we will offer hardcopy versions.

Can I gift a cookbook to someone?

Yes! As you begin the process or making your book you will be asked if you want to send it as a gift. Simply write in the lucky persons name, e-mail address and what day you would like it delivered.

What types of recipes should I expect?

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ones!
We pride ourselves in giving our clients a variety of foods and flavours. This is our way of showing you how easy and exciting healthy eating can be. We include loads of vegetables, some fruit, nuts, seedsand use very limited amounts of grains, beans, legumes, corn and soy.We do not use refined sugars, sugar alcohols, processed foods, and or products containing gluten or wheat.
We are not particular to any specific diet but rather concentrate on a well-rounded holistic approach to eating that has continued to please our current clients for the past year. Our food is organic whole and always delicious. There is nothing to over complicate, and no box to fit into!

What’s a dedication?

A dedication is the part of your book to make a reference to why you made it or who you made it for.

It is a few sentences to acknowledge the purpose or intention of the book.

You’ve mentioned that you believe eating grass-fed, pastured, wild and free-range animals is part of a healthy diet. How come you don’t have more meat mains?

There are two reasons really, first being that we believe people need more access to vegetables. There is extremely easy access to processed and fast foods, making choosing the right foods much more difficult because people have to go out of their way to find it. Our goal is to make eating the good stuff just as accessible


What’s included in the membership fee?

You receive unlimited access to all of our recipes, access to the members only live forum where you can hang out to receive support, advice and have all of your questions answered, and access to our continuing education videos

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