Magical Meal Planning Guide: $19.99 

You know the story… the woman who is running out the door, strapped for time with a big day ahead, all without ever thinking about what she is going to eat when her stomach starts growling like an angry lion. Now she’s getting hangry, and it doesn’t help that she’s about to hop into another meeting, or needs to pick her kids up school (and no doubt they are going to be hungry too.) Screw it! Might as well just grab some food to go at whatever place is closest, easiest and most convenient… even if it isn’t the healthiest option.

Stop right there. Imagine that right at the moment hunger hits, she had a delicious and healthy meal to eat. No more “hangry”, no more stress, no more grabbing whatever food is convenient and wasting a ton of money in the process. (Think about all the ways she could spend that money that actually nourishes her life - hello yoga, hi new high heels, sweet birthday gifts!). In fact, she barely even has to think about food anymore. It’s always taken care of, and on top of that it tastes AMAZING (think: happy family, happy mind/body/soul!). And all it took was the proper planning. And no, not the kind of planning that feels like homework. It’s the kind of planning that’s actually fun and easy with huge returns. You can have it too... by becoming a master meal planner!

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With Magical Meal Planning, you’ll save yourself:



1-2 hours a day wasted on stressing about what to eat.



$20 a day wasted on food that doesn’t nourish your body ($500/month!).



Your kids screaming “I’m hungry” as you try to get through the day.

I  know you’ve probably heard this before, but what they say is true, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. It might seem like a daunting task at first, but once you learn the our system, meal planning is quick and painless and dare I say, fun! With Magical Meal Planning, we'll teach you a formula and system that week to week will leave you feeling good about what you’re eating. Plus, we'll teach you how to set up your pantry, what equipment you actually need, how to use a knife properly and how to make substitutions easily. Sounds magical doesn’t it?

We wave our magic wand and your meal planning problems disappear. Poof!
— Rachelle Girardin, Founder


  • Feel unorganized in the kitchen?  

  • Feel overwhelmed with what to make for dinner (lunch, breakfast and snacks!)?

  • Waste excess mental effort thinking about, “what's for dinner”?

  • Take extra trips to the grocery store?

  • Waste or throw out food?

  • Have a lack of clarity and direction in the kitchen?

  • Make poor food choices because you didn’t plan ahead?

  • Waste money eating out when you could have saved by taking food with you?

If so, this course is for you! Free up your mental energy (save it for the more important stuff), cut out the overwhelm, minimize your to-do list, trips to the store and wasted groceries. Feel confident, and motivated in the ease of our system. No more stress around, “what’s for dinner?”



  • A step-by-step guide on how to meal plan effortlessly - this allows for flexibility of how YOU eat, what YOU are comfortable cooking and what YOUR schedule looks like.

  • A meal planning road map - a clear and comprehensive guide to get you where you want to be in your diet and in the kitchen.

  • A healthy guide to eating out and on the road.

  • A comprehensive, EASY to follow grocery list, weekly formula and recipes.

  • Essential Equipment, and Perfect Pantry overview.


After you purchase the course you will be sent an email with a link for you to download your Magical Meal Planning Guide.

You’ll click the link, download the course and get started. You can do the entire course over a couple of days! We realize your time is valuable, so we designed the course to be easy, sweet, and simple. You’re going to love this!