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Nourish Yourself, From the Inside Out

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Beyond Nourished was dreamt up and brought to life by Rachelle Girardin, a small town prairie girl proving she has what it takes to turn ideas into realities. She might have ridiculously high standards, be too hard on herself and worry far too much but that’s what makes this company so damn special; the desire to over-achieve, over-deliver, and over-impress. It all seemed to happen overnight but current day Beyond Nourished has been over 10 years in the making as Rachelle learnt the in’s and out’s of restaurants, travelled the globe, and studied yoga and nutrition.

There have been more than a few nightmares in the building of this dream. Going against the grain is never easy but the big picture always remained clear which is to find ways to deliver a healthyfood experience that leaves people feeling awesome.

So that’s just what we do. We deliver delicious food, put on wicked workshops, create unique dining events and we do it all with spectacular service.

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