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At Beyond Nourished, we have a strong desire to over-achieve, over-deliver, and over-impress. It's what makes our company so special. We create delicious food, put on wicked workshops and create unique dining events; and do it all with spectacular service. It's just what we do. To read what people are saying about us, check out the testimonials below!

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“I don’t know how to thank Rachelle and her team enough. My wife and my 2 close friends took part in my 4 sessions and I can confidently say that each one of us learnt life changing strategies of how to eat better and feel better. Since completing my program I am more confident in my ability to make good food choices, I have much more energy, I’ve lost weight and I feel like I am inspiring others to take charge of their life through nutrition. I’m so thankful for the wealth of knowledge that Rachelle has and that she was able to teach us such delicious recipes. I now see healthy food as a satisfying choice rather than sloppy seconds.”

-Gabe, Vancouver, BC

"The BN girls provide a strong holistic nutrition/chef team. I really enjoyed the cooking sessions with Rachelle and learned a lot about food choices, new flavours, a holistic approach to eating, and had a lot of fun doing it. The “grocery store tour” module with Melanie complemented the cooking lessons really well and was very useful to stock the fridge and pantry with healthy items. I’m looking forward to doing a refresher already. There is a lot of confusion out there about food choices, GMO’s, gluten, the meat and dairy industry, good and healthy fats, diet fads and making the right personal choices about eating. They do a great job giving you the straight facts on healthy eating. Their knowledge and enthusiasm will have a lasting beneficial effect on how my family eats."

-Kevin, Vancouver, BC

"The girls at Beyond Nourished are so informative and confident. I’ve learned so much through their program. In the kitchen, restaurant or grocery store they seem to have a vast knowledge on all aspects of health and wellness. They are always current on the latest and greatest health crazes and I know that when I follow their recommendations I feel healthier and happier."

-Krista, Calgary, AB

"I’ve been a healthy eater for a long time but the problem is that I don’t have time to make anything anymore! Having the BN team show me how to prepare food efficiently has been incredible. They made me figure out a way to work with my schedule and gave me some tricks to do things faster so I don’t have to spend all my money on take-away. It’s truly helped me stay on track health wise. Thanks guys!"

-Jeff, Surrey, BC

"The nourishment program has truly helped me in all aspects of life. I came into the program simply expecting to learn how to eat healthier and learn some new recipes and I got so much more. The BN team helped me become aware of my eating habits and realize how much I was using food to avoid dealing with certain aspects of my life. I wasn’t happy with my body and they gave me the tools and motivation to start making some big changes so that I could learn to love the person I was and realize my potential. Having them there for me helped me stay accountable to my goals and allowed me to reach my full potential….which was just hidden away under layers of guilt and unhappiness. I would recommend this program to anyone who eats! Every program is uniquely designed to help you where you’re at. Thanks so much to the BN team."

-Susan, London, England

"I’m a busy guy and health hasn’t always been a priority for me. I work long hours with no healthy options available and when I’m enjoying my days off I find it difficult to plan meals for my upcoming work week. My goals upon entering this program were to lose weight, get more exercise, and plan healthier meals for work all while maintaining my busy lifestyle. Beyond Nourished helped me create a customized schedule that has helped me take control of my health. I feel amazing on a daily basis and since I started the program I’ve lost 7 lbs that I’ve carried around for 5 years and I hope to lose more. I have more muscle mass, I feel energetic and continue to plan my meals in a way that makes sense for me. This program has helped me identify the things that were holding me back and gave me the tools to reach my goals. I would recommend this program to anyone who feels like they just don’t know how to get healthy and want to feel great every day."

-Jodi, Vancouver, BC


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