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Nourish Yourself, From the Inside Out

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Eternal Abundance

A plant-based restaurant with a relaxed feel and an attached grocery market. All menu items are gluten-free with many grain-free options too.

Golden Aura – Kitsilano

Raw vegan restaurant with some cooked food choices too. When we find ourselves here we order the sandwiches (so good!). You can also find high quality products like nuts, seeds, granola and super foods at this great venue.

Banditas-Commercial Drive & 12th Ave

Vegan and vegetarian Mexican food, many gluten-free options and some of the best flavours to be tasted in the city. Our favourite is the Ronnie Russell!

Edible Canada- Granville Island

Supporting local products and offering high quality ingredients.

Tractor – Kitsilano

A great place to stop when you are in a hurry. They have a large bar of healthy, ready-to-eat salads and side dishes, plus other hearty options that you can order from a menu board.

The Sandbar – Granville Island

A Seafood lover’s paradise with plentry of OceanWise choices.

Dharma Kitchen – Alma and Broadway

A chill vegan spot serving up yummy rice bowls with homemade tempeh and miso gravy. They have great deals on the first Monday of every week.

The Acorn – Main Street

This is some of the best food Vancouver has to offer! So many gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options. They really bend over backwards to make their customers happy. But be forewarned:  lines can get long, and The Acorn doesn’t accept reservations, so plan ahead.

Heirloom Vegetarian – Granville & 12th Ave

We love this place for brunch. It’s also the perfect spot to grab a drink and have a few healthy appetizers.

Cactus Club

Typically we like to support the little guys — but if you find yourself in one of Cactus Club’s many locations in Vancouver, consider ordering the Seared Tuna Burger in a Lettuce Leaf Bun!

YEW – West Georgia and Howe

A Seafood + Bar that’s setting the bar high for urban dining. Ned Bell is a superstar chef who’s doing his best to bridge the world of high-end dining and nutrition.

The Wallflower Restaurant-Main Street and Broadway

The Wallflower is a place where Omnivores, Carnivores, Vegan, Vegetarian and Celiacs can all dine together in comfort. A place where you can relax in the corner with a good book, catch up with friends or met new people.

Aphrodite’s Organic Café & Pie Spot – Dunbar and 4th Ave

This is another one of our favourite brunch spots that is 100% organic. Everything is delicious and there are loads of options from quality meats and fish to gluten-free and vegan.

Ethical Kitchen – North Van

This organic restaurant offers a wide selection of healthy and natural organic foods. They endeavour to grow as much of their own produce as possible and have their own rooftop apiary. They offer certified grass-fed meats and special diet items, including gluten-free products. Don’t leave without an order of the sourdough pancakes with maple butter and a few local farm eggs.

Forage – Downtown

Chris Whittaker, head chef, grows his own vegetables, catches his own fish (or tries to at least!), makes his own preserves, composts all of his food waste, keeps Mason bees to pollinate his plants, hunts for the purpose of conserving our land and feeding his family, and forages to connect himself with nature and remind himself where food comes from. This is the type of guy you want preparing your food for complete nourishment!

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