For the last few years, I’ve been working on building busy people's confidence in the kitchen. I believe that so much of our day-to-day confidence starts with our relationship to food and how we choose to nourish ourselves. I’ve witnessed my life positively transform as embraced the path of health so I’ve dedicated the past 10 years to studying all different faucets. Everything from yoga and meditation to nutrition and the psychology of eating. 

I’ve combined my education as a Holistic Nutritionist along with my passion for cooking into a successful career. I’ve travelled the globe for the last 4 years working as a Private Chef and Holistic Food Educator along with building my business, Beyond Nourished.

How I foresee helping you and coincidentally what I’m most passionate about is how to make healthy meal preparation easy and delicious. This is simply my genius. Because a common misconception is that you have to compromise taste when making food healthy. Stick with me, and I promise you’ll be shocked with how good healthy can taste!

As an educator my goal is to impact as many people as possible but I need your help. We need to start to pass down recipes that not only taste good, but are positively impacting the health of our bodies and minds while reducing our impact on the planet.  I hope you follow me along this journey so that you too can become passionate about passing down healthy heirlooms and reestablishing our connection to having confidence in the kitchen.

It was a dream come true for Rachelle to host women’s wellness retreats and to run a food-focused company. She just didn’t know it would all evolve around health! With over 10 years in the field she’s masterfully crafted immersions programs colliding her passions of teaching, nutrition, cooking, and personal development. Rachelle’s education includes receiving her diploma in Holistic Nutrition from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver where is now a faculty member. She has been teaching Holistic Food Preparation there since early 2012. Yoga is also a huge part of her life as well. She obtaining her 200-hour certification in Yoga from The Yandara Yoga Academy in Baja, Mexico in 2008. Rachelle currently is traveling the globe working as a Holistic Private Chef for a multi-million dollar marketing company, is continually building and designing recipes that are added to the custom e-cookbook platform creator she designed and facilitating the immersion weekends.

The piece of kitchen equipment you couldn’t live without? -- Vita-Mix

Top 5 must-have ingredients?

    • Himalayan Rock Salt
    • Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Coconut Oil
    • Cinnamon
    • Almond Butter

Where you look for recipe inspiration? --- Blogs, recipe books, dinner with friends and sometimes The Food Network!

Biggest flop in the kitchen? --- I’m happy to say that I rarely have flops in the kitchen. I am a master corrector, so even though I make a lot of mistakes in the kitchen I’ve learn how to correct them. That being said, there was this one time the damage was done and no matter how many times I tried to correct it was still AWFUL. I was making carrot ginger soup and I thought I could make a raw recipe a cooked one by heating it up but little did I know when you heat avocado it becomes extremely bitter. The soup was being sold in The Juice Truck in Vancouver. I was beyond embarrassed and we had to throw it out.

What you feel your area of expertise is and how do you best help people? --- I excel when I am able to strategically help someone eat better. There is no excuse to not eat healthy (the majority of the time) and feeling energetic. I best help people by spending one on one time with them, working with their specific needs, wants and goals. Nutrition and food is my life, I am always learning and excited to share it with people.

A nutrition tip you think everyone should know. ---- That if you eat avocado with a burger that it reduces the inflammation response by up to 35%.

Who is your mentor and why?--- I feel so blessed to have many mentors in my life. The first one that comes to mind is my Mom. Geez, she is superwomen. I go to my friends for advice and wisdom. I love classic books for guidance too. You can see my top picks on the ‘What we Read’ page.

When it comes to eating —- I love doing it with friends and family

When it comes to living —- I try and relax and enjoy the ride.

When it comes to working —- I love to buckle down with good tune in my headphones.

When I eat a salad I feel — Super energized.

I dream about — Moving to bali, travelling the world and having babies