We want you to reap the benefits of home-cooked healthy meals. Our mission is to make it delicious, convenient, and rewarding.
— Rachelle Girardin, Founder

When it comes to food,
We choose:

  • To be prepared and plan ahead
  • Whole and nutrient-dense foods
  • Variety of flavors and colors
  • Lots of plants & some fruits
  • A little bit of grass-fed, wild, sustainable, happy meat
  • Organic and home-grown goods
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When it comes to life,
We stand for:

  • Eating health-promoting foods
  • Loving life
  • Thinking positively
  • Being optimistic
  • Changing what isn’t making you happy
  • Spending time with friends and loved ones
  • Building community
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When it comes to work,
We say:

  • Do something that makes you happy
  • Be proud
  • Be passionate
  • Never settle for less than
  • Never stop being challenged
  • See the upside

The BN Story: How IT All Started

Written by: Rachelle

The beginning...Me - circa 2012

The beginning...Me - circa 2012

WARNING: I have a bit of a potty mouth and I'm the one telling the story so brace yourself for some coarse language. 


It was 2012. I was just finishing up my schooling to become a Certified Nutritional Practitioner - how fancy does that sound- and working at a raw vegan restaurant, making shit money when I got a phone call...


Me - "Hello?"

Him - "Hey, my name is Taylor. I want someone to cook for me once a week, for 3 weeks, while I try out this new diet. My friend on Facebook told me you might be interested. I've had private chefs work for me in the past. Here's how it's going to look..."

This guy sounds hot, I thought. Keep it together, Rachelle! Find out where you need to be and when.

Me - "Ok, that sounds great. When do you want to start and what's your address?" 

Taylor - "Can you start tomorrow?" 

Holy shit, you've never done this before. How are you even going to...he's paying you more than you make in a week right now. Say yes and figure out the rest later!

Me - "Ah, umm, ya, sure..."

Taylor - "My address is __________. Meet at the Thrifty's at 9am. I'll be waiting for you there." 

Me - "Mmm... I'm not familiar with that but I'll look on Maps and see you tomorrow." 

We hang up. I do a happy dance. 

I look on the map to see where his address is...

VICTORIA?! You've got to be fucking kidding me!!! 

Happy dance over. I live in Vancouver and I do not own a car.

Instead of calling Taylor back to tell him the hole I'd just dug for myself, I went on Google and figured out what shit show of a transit ride I'd have to take to get from Vancouver to Victoria by 9am. This is a true testament of the person I am and the type of service I like to offer.

The next morning I woke up at 4:45am, stuffed all my equipment and some ingredients in a suitcase and moseyed to the bus stop. 

In case you were wondering, turns out Taylor is hot! He's also one of the coolest social entrepreneurs I know. Find out more about Taylor's travel with purpose non-for profit  here. 

In case you were wondering, turns out Taylor is hot! He's also one of the coolest social entrepreneurs I know. Find out more about Taylor's travel with purpose non-for profit here. 

I received the following email from Taylor a couple days later, and I almost shit my pants when I read the subject line.


Subject line: What did you do to me.


I was pretty sure I poisoned him and my career was over before it started. 


E-mail: It is 1am and I am very very awake. My body is so used to having things to waste all its energy on digesting that it doesn't know what to do with itself!

Thank you - the food is incredible. And that is not from some newbie - I have been having my meals made for me by talented cooks since 2007. You are incredibly talented.

Much Love, 



Turns out, I was pretty damn good at my job because that 3 week contract turned into 6 months. 5 years later, I'm still at it and now I have a team of gals at it with me!  Yahoo! 

Since then I've been making food and teaching around the globe. - No big deal ;) 

The teaching piece started the same year. I grew up in small town Saskatchewan, and it was easy enough to get 30 people signed up for me to teach them delicious new recipes. I quickly learned that I loved teaching people that being in the kitchen can be quick, simple and fun. 

My love for teaching has transitioned from workshops to weeklong retreats and being a faculty member at the school that I went to: The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. 

I like cooking and I'm really good at it. 

But, I don't LOVE to cook. So, I built an entire business around efficiency.

My motto:

Get in and get out as quickly as possible. I never sacrifice flavour or quality but why spend 15 hours in the kitchen when you could have just spend 5?

I've found over the years that working with people privately has the biggest impact on them and it's very fulfilling and rewarding for me too. 

Win / Win! 

So whether we are cooking for you or teaching you how to cook, know that our heart and soul goes into making your experience life changing. 

Yes, a weeks worth of healthy and delicious food in your fridge can be life changing! 

Read more about who I am here. 

Meet the rest of the team here. 

Listening, finding solutions, making it happen, over-delivering, bending over backwards. We do what we have to, leaving our customers in awe.
— Rachelle Girardin, Founder