We want you to reap the benefits of home-cooked healthy meals. Our mission is to make it delicious, convenient, and rewarding.
— Rachelle Girardin, Founder

When it comes to food,
We choose:

  • To be prepared and plan ahead

  • Whole and nutrient-dense foods

  • Variety of flavours and colours

  • Lots of plants & some fruits

  • A little bit of grass-fed, wild, sustainable meat/fish

  • Organic and home-grown goods

retreat handstands

When it comes to life,
We stand for:

  • Eating health-promoting foods

  • Loving life

  • Thinking positively

  • Being optimistic

  • Changing what isn’t making you happy

  • Spending time with friends and loved ones

  • Building community

rachelle girardin smile

When it comes to work,
We say:

  • Do something that makes you happy

  • Be proud

  • Be passionate

  • Never settle for less than

  • Never stop being challenged

  • See the upside

Listening, finding solutions, making it happen, over-delivering, bending over backwards. We do what we have to, leaving our customers in awe.
— Rachelle Girardin, Founder